[PATCH take2] [POWERPC] i2c: adds support for i2c bus on 8xx

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Thu Oct 18 05:35:16 EST 2007

Jochen Friedrich wrote:
>>> diff --git a/arch/powerpc/boot/dts/mpc885ads.dts 
>>> b/arch/powerpc/boot/dts/mpc885ads.dts
>>> index 8848e63..a526c02 100644
>>> --- a/arch/powerpc/boot/dts/mpc885ads.dts
>>> +++ b/arch/powerpc/boot/dts/mpc885ads.dts
>>> @@ -213,6 +213,15 @@
>>>                  fsl,cpm-command = <0080>;
>>>                  linux,network-index = <2>;
>>>              };
>>> +
>>> +            i2c at 860 {
>>> +                device_type = "i2c";
>> No device_type.
> Why? Documentation/powerpc/booting-without-of.txt says for I2C interfaces
> device_type is required and should be "i2c". Is this no longer true?

booting-without-of.txt should be changed.

>> Should be fsl,cpm-i2c.  Is cpm2 i2c the same?  If not, it should be
>> fsl,cpm1-i2c.  It's probably best to specify it anyway, along with
>> fsl,mpc885-i2c.
> CPM2 i2c seems to be the same. However, i have no way to test this.

OK, let's make the compatible "fsl,mpc885-i2c", "fsl,cpm1-i2c", 

For now, match on the last one, but if any differences pop up, we have 
the more specific ones.

> I noticed cpm1_set_pin32, but this function don't seem to set the
> odr register. Will this be added? Then it would be:

Ah, missed that -- there's opendrain support for port E, but I missed 
that port B had it as well.  Feel free to add it.

>> It's a 7-bit address...  and are you sure that 0x7e is unique?  Does this
>> driver even support slave operation?
> It's in fact 0x7F << 1.

Gah, I hate powerpc bit numbering, especially without the 
numbered-as-if-64-bit hack.  I specifically looked at the manual before 
to see if it was shifted, saw "0-6", and concluded it wasn't. :-P

> The same value is used in the 2.4 driver and
> in u-boot, as well.

That doesn't mean that this isn't a good time to review what the code is 
doing. :-)

> Slave operation is not supported.

If slave operation isn't supported, how is this value used?

>> Why is an 8xx driver matching all i2c cpm (i.e. what about cpm2)?
> With the suggested change to use fsl,cpm-command, the driver should
> be able to use  both cpm1 and cpm2. The operation and structs for i2c
> are identical. The only difference might be the hack^wsupport for
> relocation.

OK.  Would that allow it to become one driver, rather than a wrapper and 
an algorithm?


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