cross compilation issue

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I sometimes found this painful...

I have a simple script in a configured directory "make-line" which looks like

bash2 :2 mleisner at linuxcom-01 11:53:58; cat make-line
#! /bin/bash

exec make ARCH=powerpc CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/denx/eldk4.1/usr/bin/ppc_74xx- INSTALL_MOD_PATH=${PWD}/root $*

I know hardhat linux had a strategy to make . files hiding the names of ARCH/CROSS_COMPILE -- so typing make
would work once configured...

IMHO it should be hardcoded in the Makefile after configuration -- it causes a lot of grief if you FORGET
to specify one of these and just type "make".

One of the things I want to do is look at how the linux make system works now (I recall at times I edit the Makefile
to hardcode these things).

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 Easiest way is to edit the x86 Makefile so that gcc and ld points to Ur tool chain's ppc_6xx-gcc & ppc_6xx-ld.. 
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cross compilation issue

I am newbi to linux. 
I wrote the application usb libusb which works fine with x86 pc. 
I want to compile the application for ppc. I have cross compiled libusb. I have tool chain also. 
If I give ppc_6xx-gcc filename.c 
It gives the error message as usb.h No such a file or directory. 
How to give include path and library path during compilation? 
Please do the needful 

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