aty128fb PCI card on ppc 405ep taihu board

Bill F list.mail.for.bill at
Tue Oct 16 10:37:43 EST 2007

On 10/14/07, 王重 <lacrimosa02 at> wrote:
>          I got a taihu board. Now I want to display graphics (based on Qt)
> through an ATI 128RAGE PCI card. The kernel is DENX Linux Kernel 2.6.19. I
> found aty128fb framebuffer driver in menu configuration and build-in kernel.
> Then I compile the boot logo into the kernel. I append
> "video=aty128fb:640x480-16 at 70" to the kernel command line to enable
> framebuffer. When the kernel is booting, there should be a penguin logo on
> the VGA display (a CRT), but there's noting. The display got no signal all
> the time.
>          Bootloader is U-Boot 1.1.4. It can recognize the PCI device:

The ATI card needs to be initialised by the Video BIOS before it can
be used as a graphics card.  If your ATI card was built for use in a
x86 PC then the Video BIOS will be written in x86 assembler and not
PPC assember.

You will need to use an x86 emulator to run the Video BIOS from the
ATI card.  Both u-boot and Xorg have x86 emulators for this purpose.
Have a look at the latest u-boot code.  There has been some recent
work done in u-boot to make the x86 emulator and ati card handling non
board specific.



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