mpc860T linux2.6.23 boot problem

Scott Wood scottwood at
Fri Oct 12 05:14:15 EST 2007

Jochen Friedrich wrote:
> Hi keng_629,
>> i have ported linux2.6.23 to mpc860t board use cpm smc1 as serial port.
>> when i boot my kernel with ramdisk i find it stop after print"Loading
>> Ramdisk to 07e20000, end 07fa4100 ... OK"
> Could you try the patches from git:// ppc-fixes i
> submitted recently?
> You might as well download the series (the patches starting with
> PATCH#2) from

Or better yet, use paulus's git tree which has most of the above 
patches, as well as several other patches relevant to 8xx.  Note that 
there are some device tree changes you'll need to make -- look at the 
mpc885ads dts.


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