interrupts in mpc8313

Yoni Levin yoni.l at
Tue Jul 31 23:53:20 EST 2007

All I had to do was to add :
and yes it not the exact code , I work with 2 computers...

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Yoni Levin wrote:
> I tried to use the function request_irq :
> Ret=Request_irq(71,interrupt_handler,SA_INTERUPT,"dma_irq",NULL);

arch/ppc or arch/powerpc?

If the latter, you need to translate the hardware IRQ into a virtual 
IRQ.  The easiest way to do this is to put the DMA node into the device 
tree and use of_irq_to_resource().

Plus, this obviously isn't the exact code you're running, as the 
spelling and capitalization errors would keep it from compiling.


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