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Thanks for your information. I will try it sooner.
The test program is A Minimal Playback Program   from website:

PS:Besides that test program i also used aplay to test codec ,the result is
no different. 

qin lin

Joachim Förster wrote:
> Hi qin lin,
> On Sat, 2007-07-28 at 17:04 +0800, qin lin wrote:
>> I have add the driver to kernel as a module in ml403.When i insmod 
>> the module ,there are warnings followed here:
>> [  250.795594] snd-ml403_ac97cr: write access to codec register 0x26
>> with bad value 0x800f / 32783! 
>> [  250.911545] snd-ml403_ac97cr: write access to codec register 0x26
>> with bad value 0xf / 15!
>> [  251.015576] snd-ml403_ac97cr: write access to codec register 0x2a
>> with bad value 0x2801 / 10241!
>> [  251.127524] snd-ml403_ac97cr: write access to codec register 0x2a
>> with bad value 0x3801 / 14337! 
>> And i check the warring find the warnings should be from function
>> snd_ml403_ac97cr_codec_write() ,i have check the lm4550 codec
>> datasheet to make sure the mask is what you have written.
> These warnings are ok. Codec register 0x26 is the "PowerDown
> Status/Control" register and the ALSA AC97 layer tries to write ones to
> the lower 4 bits (which are AFAIK read only bits). LM4550 register 0x2a
> has only one valid bit (lowest), but ALSA tries to write to a not
> existing bit. So my driver masks out these bits.
> The warnings show the invalid numbers ALSA wants to write to these
> registers.
>> What  confused  me is that where call the fuction
>> snd_ml403_ac97cr_codec_write in the module_init program, would you
>> mind if you point it for me? 
> Well, the function alsa_card_ml403_ac97cr_init() is registered as the
> module_init function. It registers the driver and the device to the
> kernel via platform_driver/device_register(). As a consequence the
> kernel will call the registered probe() function called
> snd_ml403_ac97cr_probe(). Among other things, the function called
> snd_ml403_ac97cr_mixer() is invoked. Finally this function registers a
> mixer device and the codec_read() and codec_write() functions with the
> ALSA AC97 layer. While registering the ALSA AC97 layer calls the read
> and write functions several times - a kind of initialization sequence.
> That's the usual structure of an ALSA driver - not that simple - I
> know :-) .
>> There is another problem trouble me .I find a simple test program to
>> check  the codec playback work .But all it said that it cannot find
>> the pcm file.Would you mind if you suggest something or paste what you
>> have do to mknod the device? 
> Oh, I forgot to mention that in the README file. I used the "snddevices"
> script found in ALSA's alsa-driver package (form version 1.0.13, but
> version shouldn't matter).
>> # ./test_sound.out  /dev/snd/pcmC0D0
>> ALSA lib pcm.c:2090:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown
>> PCM /dev/snd/pcmC0D0 
>> cannot open audio device /dev/snd/pcmC0D0 (No such file or directory)
> Hmmm, try to create the device files with the script from above and see
> if that happens again ...
> BTW: (After having created the device files) you can also use aplay
> (alsa-utils package) for testing. Where did you find "test_sound"?
>  Joachim
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