Kmalloc returns which address

Misbah khan misbah_khan at
Tue Jul 24 17:03:33 EST 2007

Hi Scott

The while idea behind my logic was something this :-

 Conver the physical address into virtual address and every time you read or
write to that virtual you are reading or writing to the physical address.
For that i suggested for ioremap(), some may suggest for __pa() to translate
the physical address to logical address. The whole idea behind this is to
make the task much easy and less complicated as if you are working on memory
mapped address.

DMA operation will make the application process to access the device
directly this i guess is little more complicated in implimentation and
passing a pointer to the application is a serious security concern untill
and unless only one thread is accessing .

well i will try this with a test driver as soon as i get the free time and
let you know with the findings


Scott Wood-2 wrote:
> suresh suresh wrote:
>> I want know the address return by kmalloc function? is it physical
>> address
>> or kernel virtual address.
> Kernel virtual.
>> For Tx and Rx, hardware uses buffers, so I have to allocate buffers and 
>> pass
>> the pointer to hardware. Can I pass the pointer returned kmalloc?  or  I
>> should convert it into physical address?
> You need to convert it; read Documentation/DMA-mapping.txt.
> -Scott
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