Help required for porting ISP1362 usb device driver

Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Sat Jul 14 05:17:07 EST 2007

Hello, Vikram!

Vikram Kone schrieb:
> Hi..
> I'm a linux newbie and im working on porting the USB driver ISP1362 by 
> Philips on to my Freescale ppc board.

Please don't crosspost.
Please don't write HTML.

> I dont know how to do this... so if any of you can tell me how to do 
> this step by step, i would be very grateful to you
> Few details..
> I'm running RHEL with kernel 2.4.21 on a PC (i386 machine)
> Target Machine is MPC8548 CDS by Free scale (ppc architecture) running 
> kernel version 2.6.11

Did you try something like:
I think it's one of these "step by step" things.

(You should consider moving up to the latest Kernel which is
as of today. Nobody fixes bugs on that old kernel.)

> I do have a ppc tool chain, if that helps.....

What tool chain?

 > but i dont know how to use it

Did you read the documentation?
What problem do you have?

> P.S. I downloaded the deive driver and host controller drivers from 
> and both of them seem to work for 2.6.6 kernel for i386 
> arch ..


> P.P.S : Wolfgang ??!1 Can you help me out... I went through the archives 
> on the list and seems thatu answered many Qs on this driver. But i didnt 
> find any post specifcally for my

Sorry, my crystal ball is broken.
You didn't tell us any details about your problem.

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Oops... If I am not the intended recipient, please: > /dev/null my mail.

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