[kernel-2.6.19]Marvell GT-64260 and Ethernet

Brian Waite bwaite at irobot.com
Fri Jul 13 00:50:10 EST 2007

On Tuesday 10 July 2007, Matt Sealey wrote:
> Isn't the ethernet the same on the 64260, 64360, 64460?
> There's definitely a driver for 6436x and above..

There was some work done back in the early 2.6 timeframe to make a unified 
360/260 driver. I worked on in a while ago (2+ years) I think the reason you 
don't see it in the tree, is because we all stopped using the 260 and went to 
the 360 as fast as possible. 
gt64260_eth.c ill not jus work. A lot of work (Mark Greer etc) was done in 
refactoring most of the Marvell support from 2.4->2.6. You might get away 
with setting up the platfrom correctly for the 260. Check out the ppc/syslib 
directory. You might find some clues there,


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