Leaf drivers on Linux?

Konstantin Boyanov kkboyanov at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 00:50:32 EST 2007

Hi list,

I'm a little bit confused about an issue I hope you can shed some light on

Right now I'm trying to write a driver for a vustom piece of hardware, which
resides on a VME bus. I'm using 2.6.15 kernel with an VME driver and can
access the device through normal ioctl()'s, read(), writes()'s. My
confiusion comes from the fact that from my driver I have to read some
registers when the custom device generates an interrupt, but since this
happens in kernel space, I'm not sure wheather I can use the normal IO
controls or not. Further confusion brings the fact that there is already a
working device for Solaris/SPARC for this device, and there the device
driver uses some kind of leaf driver. Is the concept of leaf and nexus
drivers, which is present in Solaris, also present in Linux? I tried to find
some information about differences in the two operating systems on that
level but only ended up in the "Writing device drivers" tutorials on

If anybody can give me some clue about this leaf stuff I'll be thankful.

Best regards,
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