Talking to PHYs on MPC880

DI BACCO ANTONIO - technolabs Antonio.DiBacco at
Wed Jul 11 04:15:29 EST 2007


I have an MPC880 with his FEC1 (eth0) connected via an MII-MII interface
to a switch.
The MPC880 controls (through its MDIO bus controller) the PHYs of the
switch. Each PHY has its own ethernet connector.

Because I don't want the FEC to bother about the status of the PHYs, I
chose to assign to the eth0 a "fixed at 100:1" virtual PHY. Nevertheless, I
would like to read registers of the real PHYs but issueing the ioctl
SIOCGMIIREG  I actually access the (virtual) fixed PHY. How could I
handle this problem?
I can apply an ugly patch to fs_enet but I would like to receive and
advice to do a beautiful job.

Any help is appreciated.

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