A question about _PAGE_PRESENT flag when ioremap is executed....

kang shuo blackfin.kang at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 12:11:28 EST 2007

           I had read some confusing code about io address map in
MPC8560 that employs E500 core. My confusion is when io address map is
setup, if _PAGE_PRESENT flag of page is set? In implementation of
mpc8560 , that seems page flag that maps to io address region is
0x280, means only the following flag is set:
#define _PAGE_GUARDED   0x00080 /* H: G bit */
#define _PAGE_NO_CACHE  0x00200 /* H: I bit */

But  I think _PAGE_PRESENT shoulbe be set for BOOKE too...
/* Definitions for FSL Book-E Cores */
#define _PAGE_PRESENT   0x00001 /* S: PTE contains a translation */
           Any guys give me some idea about that? Thanks....

-- Michael.Kang

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