mpc83xx USB support status

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Mon Jul 9 13:01:00 EST 2007

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> Subject: mpc83xx USB support status
> Li,
> What is the state of mpc83xx support in arch/powerpc?  I saw some of
> the patches you posted to the ppc and usb-devel lists, but I want to
> make sure I've got the whole set.  Also, can you tell me what the
> state of those patches are (ie. which ones will be picked up for
> 2.6.23?)

The USB host/gadget should be working in arch/powerpc with all the
patches I submitted to ppc and usb-devel applied.  AFAIK, all the
patches posted to usb-devel will be picked up for 2.6.23.  I hope the
platform rework code will also be picked up; I see nothing preventing it
from being included.

> I'm working on the mpc8349-mitx-gp board, and I can do the work to get
> your changes working on that board.

Good, the USB drivers are intended to be platform independent.  The soc
specific configuration will be done in the rework patch I submitted.
The only thing you need to take care of is board specific setup.  Feel
free to contact me if you have any problem.

- Leo

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