ARCH=ppc vs ARCH=powerpc

Mark Fortescue mark at
Sat Jul 7 02:21:21 EST 2007


I have noticed and read a few comments regarding the demise of ARCH=ppc.

Having two PowerPC arcitectures and only supprting one of them makes 
little sense. Is it not time to migrate (where required) the remaining 
code from arch/ppc to arch/powerpc and asm-ppc to asm-powerpc. There are 
not many files left that are unique to ARCH=ppc so it should not take too 

For me, the requirement is to keep support for the cards indicated in 
arch/ppc/config/xxx_defconfig (as I have one that I might what to use with 
linux) in the same way as they are supported in ARCH=ppc.

I have just made some tweeks to get ARCH=ppc building for me but I still 
need to sort out what is required to get around *** Error: Headers not 
exportable for this architecture (ppc).

 	Mark Fortescue.

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