Mem-2-Mem DMA - Generalized API

Clifford Wolf clifford at
Sat Jul 7 23:34:14 EST 2007

Hi again,

On Sat, Jul 07, 2007 at 03:08:03PM +0200, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> Is this a superset of what the dmaengine API can do? If not, I would
> guess that things can get really confusing for the user.

dmatransfer should replace the dmaengine API. dmaengine has only one client
(the tcp/ip network stack - just a few lines of code) and provides only one
driver (ioatdma).

I would have added a ioatdma driver to dmatransfer but unfortunately I
don't have the hardware..

> Is it possible to wrap the existing dmaengine code inside of a
> dmatransfer implementation?

sure - but that wouldn't make much sense. dmaengine gives away exclusive
use rights to dma channels. so if dmatransfer is using dmaengine, noone
else could use it.

> You should probably have the authors of the dmaengine on Cc in
> your next version of the driver, if you indend to replace their
> code.

I'll write them a personal mail to get things rolling as soon as the next
dmatransfer release with the cleanups you suggested and scatter/gather as
well as fifo support is out.

 - clifford

ocaml graphics.cma <( echo 'open Graphics;;open_graph " 640x480"let
complex_mul(a,b)(c,d)=(a*.c-.b*.d,a*.d+.b*.c)let complex_add(a,b)(c
,d)=(a+.c,b+.d);;let rec mandel c n=if n>0 then let z=mandel c(n-1)
in complex_add(complex_mul z z)c else (0.0,0.0);; for x=0 to 640 do
for y=0 to 480 do let c=((float_of_int(x-450))/.200.0,(float_of_int
(y-240))/.200.0) in let cabs2(a,b)=(a*.a)+.(b*.b)in if cabs2(mandel
c 50)<4.0 then plot x y done done;;read_line()' )

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