MPC8540 DMA transfer

Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Thu Jul 5 23:58:30 EST 2007

Hello, Ansari!

Ansari schrieb:
> Hello Koller,
> Is there any support for dma transter in linux 2.4.x kernel . Whether u 
> have any source code for tht ?????. I think u have attached a dma driver 
> code for 2.6.x kernel . But i need it for 2.4 kernel. ( Processor : 
> MPC8540 / MPC8560 )

There are no new features going into kernel 2.4.x. Development has stopped
long time ago. Have a look at the available code and backport it to 2.4 (YMMV).
But you propably want to move to the latest 2.6. The MPC8540 is supported
very well.
If you want to have new features implemented, use the latest 2.6.x tree from
Linus. Don't ride dead horses!

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