Led astray? Xilinx ml410 + u-boot + Linux?

Joe joe-worker at anti-paladin.com
Tue Jan 30 15:51:42 EST 2007

I was told (by Xilinx reps!) that the Xilinx ML410 "supported" Linux.

My goal is to have something "load" Linux and then execute it --  
preferably over NFS / Ethernet (for development purposes).

As far as I can tell from searching the 'Net the ML403 is fairly well  
supported but I have yet to see any level of confirmation that the  
ML410 fully supports u-boot, Linux and Ethernet.

When I download the u-boot file(s) from Xilinx they basically don't  

   0)  I get a u-boot command prompt via the serial port!! ;)
   1)  The u-boot loadb command fails to accept any data via the  
kermit protocol
   2)  The u-boot 'dhcp' command fails to obtain an address -- either  
by simply crashing or by sitting there indicating that it is re- 
trying (in which case an Ethernet sniffer shows no activity from the  
Ethernet ports).

Linux 2.6.19 shows arc/ppc/configs/ml[403|300]_defconfig, but I see  
*zero* indication that the 410 is supported.  Has anyone seen the  
ML410 fully functional with Linux + a patch to enable the Ethernet  
(I also note that on the mvi$ta site they list support for:  ML300  
and ML40x -- but NOT the ML410.)  My searches also seem to indicate  
that the IP included for the 410 Ethernet MAC's is distinctly  
different from the 403...

My current project has a *very* short fuse -- I should have been  
"running" (e.g. past init into a shell w/filesystem) two weeks ago.

If someone could confirm that this platform *is* supported (and I'm  
just missing this on my searches) I'd be quite grateful for some  
pointers on where to re-direct my searches.

OTOH, if someone could confirm that this platform is NOT currently  
supported that would be just as useful -- decisions can be made and  
actions taken.



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