mem=XXXM ioremap DMA

Eric Nuckols jrocnuck at
Tue Jan 30 02:33:25 EST 2007

>Eric Nuckols wrote:
> > in my driver, I'm calling
> > my_virt_address =   ioremap( 0x1F800000, 0x800000  );
> > my_bus_address = virt_to_bus( my_virt_address );
> >
>You can't use virt_to_bus on address returned by ioremap AFAIK.
>I think you could do
>my_bus_address = virt_to_bus(phys_to_virt(0x1f800000));
>Altough it slightly misuse the functions ... but that should work.
>         Sylvain

If I use this approach in a driver, won't I still need to use the ioremap 
function to make sure the kernel does not reassign the virtual addresses to 
some other physical memory locations?

I want to hand off bus address descriptors to a hardware device that will 
perform bus master DMA back into the memory starting at 0x1f800000, but I 
want to make sure the virt addresses don't coincide with anything other than 
this range of memory (no matter what context I'm in 


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