MPC8248 poor performance

Kumar Gala galak at
Sat Jan 27 10:48:37 EST 2007

On Jan 26, 2007, at 1:42 PM, Paul Eaton wrote:

> Hi,
> We have a custom 8248 card that we are testing.
> The core is running at 400MHz and the system bus is 80Mhz (measured  
> and verified), 32 bit wide memory interface.
> There is nothing connected to the CPM except 1 RS232 port which is  
> not used in our test loop.
> We are running a small test C loop (with approx. 60 assembly  
> language instructions) at the end of u-boot as in the Hello World  
> example. The loop runs fine but upon closer analisis I found that  
> each loop takes 6uS. This averages out to 100nS/instruction =  
> 10MIPS = sad performance. I would have expected at least 100MIPS or  
> more.
> I've checked the HID0 SPR register to verify that the instruction  
> cache is enabled.
> I've also stepped thru the code to verify that the code stays  
> within the loop (no async branches or irqs). Looking at the adr and  
> data lines with an analyzer the loop appears to do the correct  
> amount of I/O to SDRAM but the amount of time of between SDRAM  
> accesses seem longer than I would expect if caching, pipelining,  
> snooping, etc are enabled.
> Any ideas on what could be slowing the CPU down are greatly  
> appreciated.

Is the code doing any d-side access? is the d-cache enabled?  How are  
the BATs setup for memory locations you are accessing.

- k

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