JTAG emulator for MPC8548E (v2)

Laurent Pinchart laurent.pinchart at technotrade.biz
Thu Jan 25 20:17:40 EST 2007

Hi Wolfgang,

> > The new unit works *mostly* fine. No debugging issue (not that I use it
> > that much anyway, now that the board boots Linux), but still a flash
> > programming issue. Programming the target parallel NOR flash works in
> > slow JTAG mode, but not in faster mode using the internal workspace. I
> > reported the problem
> This may as well be a misconfiguration in your config file, like
> setting wrong flash timings.

I agree with you there, but I haven't been able to find which setting I got 
wrong. I dumped the registers contents after the board gets initialised by 
U-Boot, and all related values are identical. I even traced the U-Boot code 
and tried to reproduce the exact initialisation sequence, without luck.

This is definitely an initialisation issue, as programming in workspace mode 
works when the board gets initialised by U-Boot first (wrong reset vector 
setting in the config file, which makes the BDI freeze the processor after it 
started up).

> > several months ago and still haven't received any solution. It might not
> > be Abatron's fault, the French distributor might not have reported the
> > problem to them. Abatron people speak German only, and will not respond
> > to e-mails written in English (nor will they talk to you on the phone,
> > they just hang up).
> I cannot confirm this. On contrary. Abatron's support is one  of  the
> best  I've  ever  seen,  and I have seen a few. And of course you can
> send messages in  English  to  support at abatron.ch,  and  you  do  get
> replies.  And  they  do  answer  the phone (in German and in English,
> too).

I might have been unlucky, but the person who picked the phone definitely hung 
up on us when he/she realized we were speaking English.

> > The BDI-2000 is a nice product, but has a few bugs, is IMHO overprized
> > and has one of the worst support service I've had to deal with.
> Hm... we have about 15 such devices in daily use. I don't doubt  your
> report, but you must have had really bad luck. This is NOT the normal
> situation with Abatron or the BDI.

Glad to hear :-) I will try again then. Thanks.

Best regards,

Laurent Pinchart

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