DTC compilations

Andy Fleming afleming at freescale.com
Sat Jan 20 10:20:00 EST 2007

On Jan 19, 2007, at 17:09, Russell McGuire wrote:

> All,
> Thanks for those who helped me past ARCH-ppc stuff, kernel compiles  
> fine now.
> Next question, I am using the latest<pretty sure> DTC from jdl.com  
> to compile up a sample .dts file.
> I noted that all the .dts files in the /arch/powerpc/boot/dts do  
> not contain a /chosen node. So if I compile any of them, I get an  
> error and no resulting blob file.
> Do I have the wrong version of the DTC? Or is this a new feature  
> that I need to implement add to the .dts file I create?

Current versions "require" the chosen node.  u-boot will provide it,  
though, so you don't need to add it unless your u-boot doesn't  
provide it (This would mean you'd need to boot with a boot wrapper.   
Or get a newer u-boot ;) ).  In order to avoid the error being fatal,  
pass "-f" to the dtc.  I believe it's on the communal "TODO" list for  
the dtc.  But, given the choice between modifying the code, and  
adding "-f" to the command line, most people have chosen the two- 
character option.


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