how to cross compile 2.4.18

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Fri Jan 19 01:25:10 EST 2007

Hi Nirav,

First you can add the path to your brown new cross compiler in your PATH
(export PATH=$PATH:/opt/crosstool/...). 
    To add it permanently to your PATH just add this export line at the
end of your /home/YOURACCOUNT/.bashrc file, it will be take in account
on next open of a shell.

Then to compile the kernel you can do
   make ARCH=ppc menuconfig 
   make ARCH=ppc CROSS_COMPILE=powerxxx- dep zImage
       with powerxxx- the prefix of your cross compiler (in my case it
is powerpc-405-linux-gnu- dont forget the last – of the prefix)
   you can modify the Makefile in the roort directory of your kernel
source and change ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE and then just type
   make menuconfig
   make dep zImage

NOTE : I’m not sure if ARCH is ppc or powerpc in your case.



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Hello friends 
I have installed crosstool-0.42 for the powerpc 604 in the
Now At the time of Installation I use gcc-3.4.1, glibc-2.3.3 and linux
kernel 2.4.18,
Now my question is how to use the crosstool to cross compile the linux
kernel 2.4.18 for power pc.

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