kernel porting problem for new board

Suresh Chandra Mannava boardbringup at
Sun Jan 14 04:39:22 EST 2007


I am working on porting Linux 2.6.19 on a custom board with MPC7410 and
CPC700 system controller.
I am using u-boot-1.1.6 for booting Linux. I found IBM spruce is also having
CPC700, I followed spruce related files and made modifications accordingly.
Board supports external 2MB L2 cache and 128MB SDRAM.

I am encountering kernel panic(serial console messages attached with this
mail). I traced the code by putting printk and found that kernel is crashing
after executing all functions in start_kernel.
Is this problem related to L2 cache?
I didn't enabled L2 cache in Linux as well as in u-boot.
I request you to provide me some pointers and suggestions for finding out
this problem. I am going to try with L2 cache enabled.

Thanks a lot.

Suresh Chandra Mannava

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