status "Ingo's Real-Time" patch

Sergei Shtylyov sshtylyov at
Fri Jan 12 23:36:35 EST 2007


Norbert van Bolhuis wrote:

> Does anybody already (successfully) use "Ingo's Real-Time" patch
> for PPC.
> It can be found here:

> We tried applying an older patch for the 2.6.19 kernel on a
> MPC870 board, but it failed to compile.

    I don't know about the status of 2.6.19 RT patch, but we're successfulyl 
using earlier patches with some add-on -- for example, timeofday syscalls 
calls are broken in the stock RT patch causing glibc to return imprecise / 
incorrect time... Look in the linuxppc-dev archives for the extra patches I 
posted that hadn't gotten into RT patch still...

> Thanks,
> N.
WBR, Sergei

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