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Hello Roman,

I'm using a Lite5200B + Coral-P, to advance the development of software. Soon we will design our custom board with a MPC5200 and a graphics chip on-board. The application is not complex, but it is cost sensitive, so the Coral-P doesn't seem a good choice.

Our main need is only to have a frame buffer to draw on, but sure it would be interesting to support X11 too.

You comment about a Coral-P 'successor' more adapted to big endian processors. Witch is the name of this chip? I would like to read more about it.

Any other info or links you can add would be greatly appreciated,



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Hallo Michael,

On Wednesday 10 January 2007 01:09, Michael Carey wrote:

> Has anyone gotten a pci video card to work on a Lite5200B board?

Yes, but only the Coral-P, and X11 only correctly using a modified X
server (xfree86 and xorg).

The problem is the endianess. The Coral-P does not contain a byte
swapper for the video memory, so it cannot be easily be used with a
big endian CPU like many other grafik chips. Even the successor of the
Coral-P has such a byte swapper.

Our modifications to support Z-images are done in the non-accelerated
driver in the shadow frame buffer extension.

The Coral-P accelerated driver wasn't very stable when we tested it a
while ago, I assume this very much depends on the functions you use.


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