Using fixed_phy with gianfar

Andy Fleming afleming at
Thu Jan 11 09:41:55 EST 2007

On Jan 9, 2007, at 17:23, Ben Warren wrote:

> Hello,
> My custom board has a couple of Ethernet switches attached via  
> RvMII to
> the 'Gianfar' controllers of an MPC8349 CPU.  We're using SPI  
> instead of
> MDIO for control of the switches, and it looked like the 'fixed.c' PHY
> driver was the right thing to use.  BTW, I'm using a 2.6.19 kernel.

That sounds reasonable.

> When I 'ifconfig up' one of the interfaces, the Gianfar driver  
> tries to
> find a device on the MDIO bus of the variety bus_id:phy_id, where both
> bus_id and phy_id are numeric (defined in fsl_devices.h).  The  
> Fixed PHY
> driver creates devices on the MDIO bus with a bus_id that is a string,
> for example "fixed_1 at 100:1".  Obviously, these will never match  
> up.  The
> very crude hack I made to get things working was to modify the Gianfar
> driver to match the "fixed" string.

Yeah, that needs to be fixed.

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