Ethernet fails on MPC5200 based target

Andrea Galbusera andrea.galbusera at
Thu Jan 11 02:41:51 EST 2007

Hi Sylvain! Thanks for quick reply!
I'll try go give you more details.

> Could you tell me exactly what kernel you use from me ? (a commit id
> would do)

Sorry but I have very poor git knowledge. Hope the following "git log"
output answers your question. Otherwise please tell me how to get the
correct commit id you need.

commit 7cdaf877678d49e9f8a79d102a12eae7d9772f4b
Merge: a7e235cba9aa805aab4614f2029924ee2d1a1cb7 380c897f96e9084082e538f34623ce4e78935915
Author: Andrea Galbusera <gizero at andreagal.localdomain>
Date:   Tue Dec 12 10:41:21 2006 +0100

    Merge branch 'bestcomm' of

commit a7e235cba9aa805aab4614f2029924ee2d1a1cb7
Merge: f0aca16fba1f102dd2c33ff8b8bb66ec7f830ee2 af4f75fd6c64917cd3e21f28b17ed49aeac06075
Author: Sylvain Munaut <tnt at>
Date:   Sun Feb 5 17:13:29 2006 +0100

    Merge with git+ssh://

    (to bring recent cpu init changes into the ide branch)

> And did you write your own platform file ?
> Maybe some things (like xlb pipelining, cache snooping, ...) is not properly
> setup in you platform support code ?

No, I did not. I use the original platform file
in ./arch/ppc/platforms/lite5200.c. At moment I only had to add
initialization code for a few more UARTs: no other changes from
original. In fact this is one of the file showing differences between
Denx tree and yours. I'll experiment a while reverting those changes.

> Or maybe since the ethernet code currently only "knows" about the intel phy,
> something is wrong in the "generic" phy code included in the driver itself.

Could you please clarify this concept a little more? I still have an
incomplete undertanding of the many source components needed to make eth
work. I'm focusing on understanding why Denx code works while yours/ltib
fails, but this may not be the best way to walk on...


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