Can't start snmpd when adding notification handler to the configuration file

An Le Thien tieuphongit at
Thu Jan 11 02:33:50 EST 2007


I have a problem when starting snmpd as following:

1. I have just downloaded net-snmp-5.0.6-17_2.src.rpm from

2. I used ELDK3.1.1 to build it and install to ramdisk that is used for
TQM8xxL (Using kernel 2.6.11)

3. I used the default configuration (EXAMPLE.conf). When I started snmpd,
the snmpd was started normally.

4. But when I add "trapsink public" to the configuration file.
I can't start snmpd. The following is the configuration file and a log file:

a.  /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf

trapsink public
com2sec local     localhost       public
com2sec mynetwork      public

b. /var/log/snmpd.log

snmp_clean_persistent:  removing old config file: /var/net-snmp/snmpd.0.conf
trace: snmp_call_callbacks(): callback.c, 99
callback: START calling callbacks for maj=1 min=7
trace: snmp_call_callbacks(): callback.c, 107
callback: calling a callback for maj=1 min=7
trace: send_notifications(): notification/snmpNotifyTable.c, 95
send_notifications: starting: pdu=1009abe8, vars=7fffe37c
segmentation faults

Could you give some comments to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

An Le.
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