How do I make an ACE file for booting Linux on a FX60?

Borislav Tomov bt at
Sat Jan 6 01:42:40 EST 2007

I am trying to compile Linux for ML410 (it worked out on ML403). That 
requires a jtagppc controller in the hardware design, which in turn 
requires the second PPC405 to be included, although it is not used 
otherwise. When I try to make an ACE file from the menu in EDK 
(8.2.02),  I get:
In order to generate ace file, you must have:-
- exactly one processor.
- opb_mdm, if using microblaze.
Using this command:
"xmd -tcl genace.tcl -jprog -hw implementation/download.bit -elf 
Linux/zImage.elf  -start_address 0x00400000 -target ppc_hw  -ace 
I get an ACE file, but Linux does not boot from the CF card afterwards. 
The zImage.elf  boots when downloaded with the debugger XMD.
Any suggestions?
    Best regards,


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