How to do IO mapped Implimentation ???

Misbah khan misbah_khan at
Mon Dec 31 17:46:50 EST 2007

yes with respect to ioremap() its right ...i just missed the secound argument

in_8() and out_8() will work fine or i need to use in_be8() and out_be8() on
PPC architecture ????


Misbah khan wrote:
> Hi all...
> I am writing a driver in which device port is mapped to CPLD and 8 bit
> data bus is directly connected from processor to CPLD. Read write on CPLD
> memory mapped (buffer/register) is required to control the device. This is
> now IO mapped to processor.
> I need to know whether i am right if i impliment like this :-
>          addr=ioremap(base_addr);          // Remap to Mem mapped address
>          outb(addr) and inb(addr);
> Please suggest me if i am wrong or there could be better solution to this
> .
> -----Misbah <><

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