83xx, ELDK 2.6.23, IP-Config: No network devices

Russell McGuire rmcguire at videopresence.com
Mon Dec 31 11:51:44 EST 2007

Attempting to get MPC8360 board booted into Linux using a NFS root fs.

I can see the kernel boots up, and registers both the MDIO driver and the
ucc_geth: driver, and with additional debug they encounter no errors.

However, for some reason the probe function never gets called for the MDIO
or the UCC driver. So as a result <assuming> the IP layer never gets a
network device. I am using a National DP83865 PHY device connected directly
to the 83xx QE. I don't see any direct definition for this PHY device, but
it doesn't even look like it queries the ID.

So two questions:

1) Is there some basic kernel feature I am missing? I have enabled the GIGE
UEC GETH driver in the kernel.  Perhaps a PHY LIB? Isn't generic MII
supported by default?

2) Is there something in the startup board files, that I need to add to
register my PHY like an of_put_node()? Again I have pretty much copied the
MPC8360E MDS board and it is starting, and defining the par_io port already,
except that my PHY ID <on the iC2 bus, is using dev ID 0x01>. However, I
don't see the probe function being called, so I don't think this is a
concern yet.

Anyway, how do I get the UEC_driver to see my phy device so I can get the
NFS to boot?


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