DTS files, 83xx, clock frequencies

Russell McGuire rmcguire at videopresence.com
Wed Dec 19 10:36:29 EST 2007


I note that in most of the 83xx dts config files that the different
frequency fields are being populated with non-zero numbers. i.e. bus-freq,
clock-freq, core-freq, etc...

Isn't default behavior that these fields are kept from the <BIOS> U-boot
during boot, if a zero is present? Is there any advantage to resetting them
within the dts file during linux boot up? Or is it necessary to populate
these values for correct operations, specifically with in the QUICC Engines?

Over all my curiosity is that between versions of the board, i.e. different
CPU's that may be clocked faster or slower, I see no reason to change the
dts/blobs if I already have to change the BIOS to correctly boot up.


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