Help with MPC5200 + Bestcomm + Local Plus Bus.... same problem [ifm ScanMail: oK]

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Hello Roger, 


i have read your message. I have now the same problem. I use a CPLD on the Local Plus Bus. The CPLD generates interrupts for the MPC5200B processor. Because of the quick signals, i want to use the Bestcomm unit, to push the Data ( 3 x 16 bit register) directly into the memory. I use the same Kernel. It would be nice, if you could help me, to program a linux driver for that. Or maybe you have any examples. So looking forward for you reply. Thanks a lot for your time. 


best regards Jan Baldauf



 I never did get my FPGA driver working with the bestcomm unit. I ended up doing a half-baked version where I would program the lpc to transfer the data into the FIFO and generate an interrupt when it finished. I could then copy the data quickly from the FIFO to memory (The FIFO interface is wider and faster than my FPGA, so I do reduce processor loading somewhat over directly reading the FPGA) That works OK for small data transfers, but is not optimal.

 In the current mainline there is support for a "gen_bd" bestcomm task which I presume is to be used for the purpose you imply. Perhaps somebody has an example of using that?

good luck!


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