current ARCH=powerpc for v2pro.

Stephen Neuendorffer stephen.neuendorffer at
Tue Dec 4 11:48:48 EST 2007

I tried that, which essentially differed from what I was trying in that
interrupts were turned off.
It fails in the same way as before.

I've booted ARCH=ppc from your tree on the exact same hardware design,
and as near as I can tell, the code that runs in the kernel proper up to
the point where I see the machine check is almost identical.

The machine check (a trap into the Machine Check handler at 0x200)
occurs at a nondeterministic point during the execution of memset_io in

In the kernel I have, _bss_start is c02c8000, and these are the
registers in the trap handler on two different runs of the kernel:

    r3: c02c80cc r5: 00022874
    r3: c02c8248 r5: 000226f4

r3 is the current point being initialized, and r5 is the count remaining
in the .bss.

So, what would cause a machine check in the middle of a loop, in the
middle of the almost the simplest code absolutely possible, and not on
an obvious memory boundary?


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> > Grant,
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> > I'm trying to bring up your arch/powerpc work, using a compiled in
> > device tree.  I added this:
> >
> <snip>
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> > Which seems bizarre, because that code is very simple.  I'm guessing
> > that something in the memory configuration is wierd (or maybe
> > zImage.virtex is not the right way to do this?) but I'm a 
> little lost
> > where to look from here.  I also tried it with both 
> paulus_master and
> > your virtex-for-2.6.24 branch.
> I've got a patch that adds 'raw' image support (originally written by
> Scott Wood) which somewhat works for booting (but not entirely; I
> haven't had time to dig into it properly yet).  It's not suitable to
> go into mainline yet.  I'll try to get the patch out to my tree this
> evening... actually I've been trying to get my tree pushed out all
> today, but other things keep coming up.  :-)
> <several hours after I wrote the above>
> Okay, I pushed my current patch set out to the master branch of my
> linux-2.6-virtex tree.  Give it a whirl.  It's not perfect, but it
> should be usable for booting.
> Cheers,
> g.
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