[rtc-linux] Re: DS1337 RTC on I2C broken.

Alessandro Zummo alessandro.zummo at towertech.it
Sat Dec 1 23:16:44 EST 2007

On Fri, 30 Nov 2007 19:12:01 +0100
Clemens Koller <clemens.koller at anagramm.de> wrote:

> root at fox_1:/lib/modules/2.6.24-rc3-ge1cca7e8/kernel/drivers/rtc$ modprobe rtc-ds1307

 what is dmesg saying at this time?

 you might want to add some debug statements in the driver
 to see where it halts.. i guess the driver is not bound
 to the chip for some reason.


 Best regards,

 Alessandro Zummo,
  Tower Technologies - Torino, Italy


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