ppcboot and powerpc branch question

fabien fabien.fb at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 00:33:38 EST 2007

hi all,

After some problem with my custom board and kernel 2.6.19 about the
init process, i've moved
on 2.6.23 and that had fixed my problems. (related to this post :
Apparently it was a problem with cpm_uart on SMC1.
the patch have been integrated in 2.6.23. Now i use this kernel and
busybox works.
I want to migrated my board in powerpc branch instead of ppc (i plan
to use xenomai but in 2.6.23
there is only an adeos patch for piowerpc branch), but i see the use
of a device tree
instead of bd_t struct. I'm a bit disappointed because i also see that
older u-boot (in my case
ppcboot 1.1.5) aren't capable to pass dts to kernel.
Is there a way to keep my old bootloader to boot a powerpc branch kernel ?

Best regards

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