Andy Fleming afleming at freescale.com
Fri Mar 31 03:28:59 EST 2006

On Mar 28, 2006, at 08:51, Carlos Mitidieri wrote:

>> On Friday 24 March 2006 15:53, Kumar Gala wrote:
>>> That seems like a driver problem.  Does lspci show your devices  
>>> after
>>> you boot?  Also, what kernel ver are you using?
>> No, the device behind the bridge is not recognized, although the  
>> bridge
>> itself is. I am using kernel 2.6.15.
> I am trying to use a PCI-X bridge (Intel 31154) on a mpc8540ads  
> running kernel
> 2.6.15.  A USB controller is behind the bridge.
> When the mpc8540ads is booted with the PCI-X switch disabled, the  
> device
> behind the bridge is detected (and actually works), and the following
> messages are printed:

Are you using a Rev A or higher board?  PCI-X doesn't work on earlier  

Also, make sure your board is configured to run PCI at 66 MHz.  PCI-X  
doesn't work at 33 MHz.

Andy Fleming

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