Kernel for MPC Lite 5200 will not compile

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Mar 30 11:34:19 EST 2006

In message <442B11E8.7020107 at> you wrote:
> It is ?

I think so.

> I don't know about the 2.6-denx, but the stock 2.6.15 should work just fine.
> What's wrong with it ? (except it misses some drivers ... it should compile
> and boot just fine)

Isn't the current reengineered implementation of  the  BestComm  code
based  on  an very old Freescale version, which has known limitations
and problems?

Or has there any action resulted  out  of  the  discussion  with  the
Freescale engineers, and I have missed it?

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