Kernel for MPC Lite 5200 will not compile

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed Mar 29 09:31:05 EST 2006

In message <20060328000703.GA95672 at server.idefix.loc> you wrote:
> I installed today ELDK 4.0 for the LITE5200 board (icecube).

There is no "ELDK 4.0 for the LITE5200 board".

> ./install -d /usr/local/eldk ppc_6xx

This installas ELDK 4.0 for PPC 6xx  processors.  Nothing  less,  but
nothing more either.

> After compiling u-boot and playing a little bit with it, i tried to
> compile the kernel 2.6.

Which kernel tree are you using? There is no support for  MPC5200  in
the  DENX  Linux  tree.  Well, some code is there, as there is in the
public 2.6 kernel tree, but it's known to be broken and not supported
by us.

> For this I used the git repository.

Which one?

> I copied the file arch/ppc/configs/lite5200_defconfig to .config, and
> tried the following one:
> make ARCH=ppc CROSS_COMPILE=ppc_6xx- uImage

That's not the official way to build images.

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