mpc5xxx keyboard BUG found

IGOR LURI iluri at
Mon Mar 20 19:18:57 EST 2006

The problem is that from aplication can't handle 0xe0 scancode because mpc5xxx_translate function translates the scancode to a keycode, and to the aplication arrives for example 0x0a1b5b41 (up arrow) and inmediatly another 0x0a. For this efect I think mpc5xxx_translate function needs to evaluate 0xe0 scancode correctly.

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On Friday 17 March 2006 13:38, Igor Luri wrote:

> We have an MPC5200LiteB board with a Microsoft USB keyboard atached and
> we have realized that some keys don't work properly, like up, down, lef
> and right arrows, PageUp, PageDown etc.


Actually that Microsoft keyboard is working fine. A rare exception. ,-)
For more information see chapter 1.3 from here:

So basically you will have to handle those in the application level code.

- Jarno

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