OF tree flattening.

David Updegraff dave at cray.com
Thu Mar 16 02:10:42 EST 2006


When OF device tree is flattened, the resultant struct has pointers into
the 'initial_boot_params' area.

I think that area needs 'reserving', since the text of various
properties are contained therein.

One could perhaps argue that the BootRom should do that, in the provided
OF-tree reserve maps... but if we're gonna keep pointers into the area,
seems we should protect it.  Adding a
lmb_reserve(__pa(initial_boot_params), initial_boot_params->totalsize);
to early_init_devtree() worked for me.

There is of course then the problem alluded to in
kdump_move_device_tree(), that then this old DT should be un-reserved..
   I don't have a suggestion for that problem; hope some of you do?



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