rtai for ppc in 2.6

Randy Smith rsmith at imagemap.com
Wed Mar 15 03:09:51 EST 2006


A bit off topic, but I don't know where else to ask these questions.

I am working to port an existing Lite5200 application that uses rtai on 
the 2.4 kernel to a 2.6 kernel.  I have just noticed that support for 
rtai in 2.6 is limited to the i386 tree.  Is there anyone working on the 
ppc 2.6 rtai?  In looking at the rthal patch for the i386, it seems 
non-trivial.  Otherwise I guess it would be done by now. :-)  
Alternatively, I could rip out the rtai dependent code and just use the 
native 2.6 kernel's improvements for near realtime response and see how 
it goes but that route will take a little time.  I was hoping for a 
quick recompile and go. :-(  Any advice?

Also,  I have been reading about Adeos and rtai's adoption of this.  
Does this implementation preserve the same rtai interface?  It looks 
like it is in the same boat as the rthal for ppc 2.6.  Please correct me 
if I am wrong.


-Randy Smith
Software Engineer
ImageMap, Inc.

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