pppd in eldk

Eberhard Stoll eberhard.stoll at berghof.com
Mon Mar 13 19:06:26 EST 2006

Hi Antonio,

>I didn't find the ppp package in denx eldk, I tried to cross compile the 
>sources (from sourceforge) but I received some errors (pcap_t undeclared). 
>Before I continue I would investigate if someone was already successful with 
>ppp on ppc.
We compiled pppd v. 2.4.1 with eldk 3.0 on our ppc target with nfs
mount. It was no problem. But compiling this package on our x86 linux
machine (SuSe 9.0)  wasn't a problem either after setting the
environment vars CC, LD, AS to appropriate values (ppc_82xx-...).


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