Yosemite board ala, PPC405EP

Jeff.Fellin at rflelect.com Jeff.Fellin at rflelect.com
Thu Mar 9 08:18:30 EST 2006

Sorry, I was confused. I have a PPC405EP. not a Yosemite board.

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Jeff.Fellin at rflelect.com wrote:
> I have been using an Albatron BDI for a PPC405GP board in a project.
> According to the documentation I've read the Yosemite board is identical
> register wise to the 405GP, except for two sets of EMAC registers.
> My problem is when I use the Albatron BDI using the register definitions
> for the 405GP, the BDI cannot communicate with the 405EP.
> Anyone have experience with usingg the BDI for the PPC 405EP?

Hey Jeff,

Can you please clarify;

Are you using a Yosemite board (440EP) or are you using a 405EP board
(which is *not* the Yosemite board)?

If you are using the Yosemite board, then I have one here,
and my BDI2000 just arrived. I haven't had a chance to test
the BDI2000, but I can let you know the results when I do.


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