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Possible answers: Module versioning turned on in kernel?  insmod module
format not compatible with kernel ?  Try modprobe which

checks the dependencies.  These calls are kernel space to user space
copy operations. Top 3GB to below 3GB on most systems

unless it's a 2GB/2GB split between user/kernel space.





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Hi all , 
I have  a driver and when i am doing insmod the driver its giving
unresolved symbol. 

insmod: unresolved symbol copy_to_user 
insmod: unresolved symbol down 
insmod: unresolved symbol up 
insmod: unresolved symbol copy_from_user 

Can anyone suggest me where i am doing wrong. 
I am using linux-2.4.25 kernel from denx and my board is a
customboard(mpc8260 processor). 
This is a upm driver and built as a loadable module. 

Please help me in this regard 
Thanks in advance. 

Prabha J.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
Mailto: prabha.j at

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