Bill Farrow BillF at
Tue Mar 7 09:40:34 EST 2006

You should find the Virtual Terminal options under "Device Drivers ->
Character Devices" in the kernel configuration.  I don't believe that it
is dependant on anything else, so you should be able to just turn it



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Sent: Tuesday, 7 March 2006 4:20 AM
To: Paulinha; linuxppc-embedded at
Subject: RE: INIT:

I'll look into those config settings. While we are talking about config
settings, i noticed i had CONFIG_VT turned on. I do the make ARCH=ppc
xconfig but i cannot find the setting where CONFIG_VT gets turned on. I
don't want to use the virtual terminal & i believe since the kernel is
getting configured with CONFIG_VT=y, it is trying to mount tty0 which is
not part of my root file system. Does that make sense??
Is CONFIG_VT dependent on some other config setting?? How do i get
CONFIG_VT set to n??

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