Cannot compile denx 2.6.15 for MBX

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Tue Mar 7 09:26:27 EST 2006

In message <200603062136.26121.antonio.dibacco at> you wrote:
> I do:
> >make mrproper
> >make MBX_config
> HOSTCC  scripts/basic/fixdep
> HOSTCC  scripts/basic/split-include
> HOSTCC  scripts/basic/docproc
> make[1]: *** No rule to make target `MBX_config'.  Stop.
> make: *** [MBX_config] Error 2
> What's the problem?

You ask for a non-supported board. The MBX board is not supported  in
the  public  2.6 kernel tree, and we did not add it either (and don't
intend to, as this board is, umm, *very* old).

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