linux DMA capabilities in MV64460

Brian Waite brian at
Tue Mar 7 00:21:29 EST 2006

> I'm now looking seriously (and reluctantly!) at writing a DMA Controller
> Driver to supplement these functions, and I've started the process of
> getting an NDA from Marvell, so I can get their User Manual (and errata!).
You won't get very far without the user manual, then I think you will find it 
pretty easy to write the driver with the frameworks already in the kernel.
> Can someone point me in the right direction to get me started?  I need
> to come up the learning curve to find out where to start.
> How is a DMA controlled (from a device driver writer's perspective) when
> a third-party (i.e. in the bridge) DMA controller needs to do the work
> to get the data from a PCI Target into main memory?
> What kernel API should be provided by the DMA Controller Driver?
My first guess would be to follow something like Documentation/DMA-API.txt and 

> Any documentation, examples, similar device drivers, etc, would be
> appreciated.  TIA,
You could look to followup that by groking arch/ppc/kernel/dma-mapping.c
Finally, arch/ppc/syslib ppc4xx_dma.c seems to show an example of a low level 
I didn't notice any platform dma controllers like MAG reccommended, but that 
should be a better way to go. 


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