cross tools for the 440gp

David Hawkins dwh at
Sun Mar 5 15:30:35 EST 2006

Ralph Blach wrote:
> are there any prebuild cross compilers for the 440gp processors
> that would compile a 2.6 kernel?
> If so, could I get some pointer to where they are?

Download the Denx ELDK 4.0 CD-ROM it has everything you need.

The install file tells you how to install the tools,

for example, I use the 440EP which has an FPU, so
to install the tools (from the ELDK CD-ROM after
mounting the iso image)

./install -d /opt/eldk-4.0 ppc_4xxFP

you'll want

./install -d /opt/eldk-4.0 ppc_4xx

Read the Denx UBoot+Linux Guide (DULG), it'll help.


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