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Adrian Cox adrian at
Fri Mar 3 20:33:24 EST 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 21:10 -0800, David Hawkins wrote:
> Step 2. Find a PPC 750 port in the Linux source.
>       For example, in the 2.6 series kernel, the place to start
>       looking is under arch/ppc/platforms. grep -Ie 750 shows
>       up some of the PPC 750 based systems.
>       chestnut.c 750FX/GX evaluation board
>       katana.c   Looks like one too
>       prpmc750.c Looks like a Motorola board
>       Look at the comments in the code, look at the memory map
>       of the reference board versus your custom board. There is
>       a very good chance that the custom board is based on a
>       reference design - thats the whole point of them.

I'd add the caution that within the 6xx, 7xx, and 7xxx family of
processors, the north-bridge makes a much greater difference than the
processor core. Within that family of processors Linux will auto-detect
the processor specific features at boot time. It will be easier to port
from a board using a 7450 with the same north-bridge, than from a board
using a 750 with a different north-bridge.

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